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Garmin Striker with Flasher

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from what I understand, the helix5 unit is the same across all platforms. It just deviates based on the accessories that come with it when you buy it. So there shouldn't be any differences between our units except for the transducer...

from what i understand anyways haha

Land Shark:
Thanks for the information.  Took a look at a few flashers and also the helix, but the garmin was a fraction of the price and will have to do for now.

i've heard really good things about the garmin actually, for the price it sounds like a effin deal

perch hound:
My striker 4 on flasher mode is spot on and fast.
I generally use split screen mode I find its much easier on the eyes.

I fish a Helix 5.

My buddy uses the striker 4 with the chirp ice transducer.

His unit is great... I would not hesitate to get one.

Oh and to add to the feedback... He does not use it in flasher mode.  I have tried his in flasher mode and it works fine, but the graph mode just gives so much more information and at least with his chirp transducer, the target separation is fantastic so it is easy to see multiple fish and your lure.

I like my Helix 5... but for that price of the Garmin, I would get it over the helix if it would have been available when I got my helix.


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