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Bullheads through the ice

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When I was a kid I got to go with a bunch of old timers that fished at night for hornpout. They had not done it this time, but what they said they would often do is sink a cows head to the bottom (open and hard water) and that would make for good fishing for a while... I never wanted to get hornpout enough to go to the trouble...


--- Quote from: CastmasterGold on Feb 16, 2015, 06:22 AM ---okay I know I am leaving myself open on this question but here it goes... but does anyone ever chum or drop bait down the hole overnight for bulls/cats and come back in the following days?


Yes I have.
 Go get yourself a bag of "Sow Chow" from the local feed store. Drop a few handfuls down each hole. It swells, then sinks to the bottom.
 Just check local and state regulations first.
--- End quote ---

some nice pic's of Channel Cats, very few bullheads though. Still nice to see them being caught through the ice, I live in Canada and I have never caught one through the ice.

Used to get a plastic container of chicken gizzards from the butcher shop, and let it sit out at room temp or in the sun a few days. Hook a gob of that on a #4 baithold hook, or larger, and drop to bottom. Let lay with a few jigs now and then. You'll get a kitty.  ;)

fatty crusher:
I have had luck? Catching them unintentionally while camping. 6 to 9 fow, edge of weeds, it may just be a honey hole but I've caught them on waxies, shiners, fat heads, even on a 2 inch rattle bait 2' under the ice that was sitting still since I mostly use that for calling in fish. My guess would be location is most important.


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