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Frabill Ice Shuttle

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I have only seen one of them. it was on clear lake. the DNR was giving the person a fine a few yrs back because he didn;t have a shelter lic. on it.

It is not a shelter, it is a sled with sides you can put up for a windbreak. It was a forerunner of some of the shelters being used today.  Compared to what we have today, it is very primative (but it is still a very effective wind break.)

seaweed01, as long as it has more then one side. you have to buy a shelter lic. for it in MN  >:(

At least here in PA or NY we do not have to buy a license for it (at least I have never had anyone say I have to.)

no shelter license to buy here in Wisconsin. some states will do anything to get a few xtra bucks out of us.


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