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Frabill Ice Shuttle

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Does anybody know if there is something similar to this on the market? For those who don't know what it is, it's an enclosed sled that you can store your gear in. The dimensions are 3' long by 2' wide. It has a padded seat on top and is made of plastic. There is a place on the front to haul a bucket or minnow bucket and it also came with a 3 sided wind break that you could put up and was about 5 foot tall. I contacted Frabill and they aren't going to make them again. I guess they stopped making them quite a few years ago.  Here's a picture of one. ???

I have had one of those sleds for 15+ years. You are right, a lot of storage inside, but the only drawback is that it is hard to pull in deep snow. I haven't saw one in years, but if I see one I'll let you know.

There was one on Ebay the other day - not sure if it is still up for bid or if it closed of not, go check it out.  

does it have a place to get your feet up off the ice?

Missfishy - No it doesn't.


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