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Video of some chain pikerel

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Whitefish Slayer:
I don't have the recorder yet for my Aqua-Vu but this was the first time we had it out i recorded some footage off my digital camera We caught 56 fish in 4 hours
here see the if the video works for ya's!!
If u don't have one of these under water systems GET ONE it made the fishing 300 times better

cool video i cant wait till i get a dvr for the aquaveiw so i can record some stuff.

haha sweet vid. I didnt know them guys schooled???  Or did u have a really good bait on ;)

Whitefish Slayer:
they were like that for an hour straight just 3, 4, 5 at a time never saw that before.

we were both using perch jigs small tear drops and some jigheads with tails and bodies on them

my partner was using small piece of worm HAHA
and i had on a small piece of gaspereau
it was a blast!

that was sweet. nice work guys.


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