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Fishin Fireman:
Welcome nptrash, I'm glad your enthusiastic about the site. Scott AKA Iceshanty has worked very hard to make this site what it is today but it wouldn't quite be the same if it wasn't for all the great folks on here including you who usually leave it all hanging out there, in a clean way that is.


New to the sport of ice fishing and this forum, I haven't ice fished for about 30 years, Doc Stubs has gotten me started and hooked on ice fishing, awesome way to spend the winter months.


My name is Jake, and I have been in AK for a couple of years now.  I am working as an archaeologist in Eagle River, doing alot of work for the AK National Guard, and flying around going on crazy adventures to various villages.  I grew up in MN, and did limited Ice fishing then, but I am down like a clown for it now!  I love being out on the lakes in the darkness with the wind and the cold!  Too bad my wife doesn't share the same feeling (unless she is catching fish)! ::) I fish mainly around Anchor-town, but have a couple of big trips planned out soon, Lake Louise over Christmas being the first one!  I can't wait! ;D 

Anyways, this site rocks, as many have already said, and I will use my Nostradamus-like powers to predict that Team AK will take the IS tourney this year!   :tipup:



long time Alaskan - just getting some free time to catch up on past fishing - never really got into ice fishing growing up (parents didn't do it so you just don't know what you're missing), but the lakes around fairbanks and their nice tasty fish are placating my fishing urges till summer. As with any other kind of fishing once you get into it - you're hooked, so it looks like I'll be a regular winter fisherman once I manage to get outfitted! Found a cheap deal on a hand auger last spring, but it's hard to drill a half dozen holes for the family that way! Any cheap gas augers out there? Maybe one that needs work - let me know!

I've found a few decent rainbows in Birch and Quartz - but would like to figure out the char situation - mmmmm....char! Those big lake trout and pike that are around here look like a blast as well, but to learn how to fish them!

Ice fishing is a great way to get my young kids out fishing too, when it's not too cold. They really like fishing in the summer too, but salmon are too big for them and most of the lakes are tough to fish without a boat - docks and campgrounds get pretty crowded too. I would really like to build a shanty for next year...that way the weather doesn't make them retreat to the truck.

cool site, like the info...doing lots of searches to try and dig up char, lake trout, and pike secrets - of course good places to go and info on techniques (best depths - how to read the lake, etc) are golden to find too!

Guess that's enough!


--- Quote from: FrankAk on Dec 11, 2006, 09:33 PM ---. Apart from hunting and fishing my life revolves around wrestling  ( all three styles ). I am currently ranked 2nd in the state at 130lb weight class.
Oh yeah if you have any tips on fishing im all ears.

--- End quote ---

I wrestle as well but only with the wife, in a nice way ;)2 And that involves more than 3 styles ;D

Right on. Welcome aboard all you new and old Alaska members. Hope to see some postings of your beautiful artic char in the "Anything category" in tourney. Us in BC are looking forward to some competition from you guys in burbot and rainbow category. We have seen some old pics of Fishyman Jakes burbot and they are decent. Hope you guys can take up the slack in his abscence or marraige or whatever it is.  Where is that Barleydog, he fished with him in the past. Good luck to you all and have fun. Cheers


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