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Wheel house ceiling - thinking corrugated metal? I am crazy?

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Ronnie D:
Think if you used 26 ga. galvanized & spray coated w/ flex all or similar sealer it would 't sweat & black it out also?

Interesting thought Ronnie. Hmm… now back to thinking about it!

Several places have corrugated panels in fiberglass and polycarbonate. Prices around the same as galvanized. Probably a bit lighter than the metal, certainly won't rust and paintable. Just another option.

Arctic Addict:
I'd go with RFP.  I have it in my wheelhouse and it works well.  The material is easy to work with and won't  dent or scratch.

That particular corrugated metal is about the thickness of three sheets of paper.  Dents easily.  If you have a vented heater though, condensation I don't think will be an issue.  It may condensate at first I'm sure but once it's warm inside it will dry out quickly, especially being thin.  Still building mine, an ongoing story  >:(  I plan to use white steel siding for the ceiling, just the cheap thinner stuff.  I can hang things from it using ring magnets is my hopes.  Will get scratched that way but it is an easily painted surface it starts to bug me enough.  I like the idea of FRP though, smooth sided so it cleans easily.  FRP can crack when you're cutting it so have the right tools and be patient when installing.


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