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Wheel house ceiling - thinking corrugated metal? I am crazy?

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Hi all,
I have gutted my King Crow and am getting close to paneling the inside. I have used 1.5 foam sheets to give it a bit more insulating factor than the fiber that was in it. For the ceiling, I am debating using galvanized corrugated metal for a different look. I have the pink foam sheets between the studs and was thinking I would use some additional fiberglass to put up and pin to the stud and fill the voids in the corrugate of the metal panels. Would get a little more insulation high and not be any heavier than paneling alone.

Thoughts on if this? Any have metal ceilings, any issues?


May be difficult to cut in a light for the ceiling with this style.  You may want to consider a fiberglass reinforced panel (FRP). 

Thanks cwavs - I am using flush mount lights so that is less of a concern - just need a small hold for wire and should be able to use small self tapping screws to mount.

There's a condensation magnet..........

Yeah, that is my concern as well.
Not sure it’s worth it, but my 1 little data point is that there were 2 sheet of copper that the previous owner put on the ceiling (“patching” the paneling) due to a roof leak he had, and I never saw a drop of condensation on those. I expected I would, but it didn’t happen.
There is likely a good reason you don’t see this too, i get it.


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