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Quick removal of flip over shack fabric??

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I would rather shrink wrap it in the offseason that go through all of that and possibly damage the material.

I'd hang it from the rafters with electric fence wire first, turned on,  (*ZZZZT*!) before I went through all that involved rigamarole. Or hang it from one rope covered in sticky bait. Way overthinking it.  ::)

hardwater diehard:

--- Quote from: jrjach75 on Oct 07, 2022, 12:24 PM ---If you look at the ice runner flipovers, they use this exact method of attaching the fabric to the sled.

I'm not sure how they take up extra material for nice tight fit, which I am thinking is the reason other companies use the screws and trim. Would be nice if a feature could be designed into the mold on the sled, on the rear lip to make the trim piece "lock" into it so the screws wouldn't be needed. Or maybe a feature that allows the use of some kind of clamp or cam lock. I tried to go without the screws a couple times before and it's usually OK for a season or two, just takes one windy day where it pulls out and I attach it for good.

--- End quote ---


Ronnie D:
I wrap my shanties in an oversized tarp & duct tape , stand em up on their side in a backyard Detroit shed w/ no problems between seasons.

I have used binder clips for years on both my Clam Yukon and Kenai and it has worked just fine.



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