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bay runner br1000 i


has anyone washed there insulated shanty? if so what type of detergent did you use?

I have not washed my shanty. I have a little watermark from condensation but not enough to make me want to wash it....yet.


 All these years Iíve never washed the material just clean out out the tub , let it air out fold up cover and store

hardwater diehard:
I would think spot treatment would be a better choice for stains  ...good hot day ..air dry ..maybe even a fan . Some Febreze and or a vinegar soaked towel/rag left hanging inside  could work well for odors . If you are set on a "wash" I think a damp car sponge on a hot day . Maybe Woolite if you want to use a mild soap.

I agree why the rest on this. I wouldn't remove and wash my bayrunner top unless it had some really bad stank on it. I have had the water staining but it seemed to wipe off just fine with some mild soap/ water then air dry


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