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First March outing

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Morning bite was on today, hit these beauties on back to back holes.

This was my first ice outing in 3 weeks, I just got back from a trip to South Florida a few days ago. Got some decent fishing done down there as well, both freshwater and saltwater, many new species, lots of pics, you can view the blog post at , here is a teaser pic :)

Was very surprised to have lake to myself today, spot has been getting pounded since the start of covid, and still a good 18-20 inches of ice.

This may sound sacrilegious on here, but this may have been my last ice outing, if weather is warm enough, I hope to hit open water on my float tube for a shot at pike, bass, bowfin and crappie before the season closes on April 1st.

If I don't make it back on the ice before then, it's been another fun season on here, hope to be back with more next season. Wishing you all a great open water season, tight lines!

as the 83rd viewer, first reply, good job!   :thumbsup:


--- Quote from: R.S. on Mar 17, 2022, 04:59 AM ---as the 83rd viewer, first reply, good job!   :thumbsup:

--- End quote ---

Thanks. People must be getting used to my pics, or perhaps bored of them (or me)  ::)

Nice. Ice season has been over about 3 weeks here, but not quite as warm as Florida.  ;D


--- Quote from: zcm_82 on Mar 17, 2022, 06:34 AM ---Nice. Ice season has been over about 3 weeks here, but not quite as warm as Florida.  ;D

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Warming up here as well. Planning a float tube outing near a warm water inflow tomorrow, fish tend to gather there until the end of March. Some of my ice spots should still be safe for another week or two, but between honeycombing ice and what's typically a good open water bite from my float tube, I'm likely done with my ice season as well.

Was lucky enough to fish Florida in December and March. Due back there early summer, not looking forward to that sort of heat though, I'm sort of built for cold.


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