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Bass Pro 2-man flip over hut - original manufacturer? Clam?

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I am thinking a original nanook sled would work for a replacement. only thing that might be different is the hole placement for were the frame and tent attach to the sled. that is fixed by simply drilling new holes if needed. here is the one I think might work: . the dimensions are 35 inches wide by 61 inches long. if your sled is the same dimensions then it would work. only problem I see is that the original poster is in Canada and shipping to there would be more than the house is worth.

Old Goat:
   Look for a used clam trap pro.        or used clam scout with scout pole set up making it narrower folding length wise over sled


--- Quote from: Old Goat on Feb 16, 2022, 05:06 AM ---   Look for a used clam scout then turn the sled 90* and use your hardware on it.

--- End quote ---

that wouldn't work. doing that would only work if the original poster had a Legend model house and not what basically looks like a nanook model from the picture.

Old Goat:
  That's a very old sled they used these on the Genz fishing system set-up. My friend has the same sled and it has the Fish Trap pro on it. with scout hardware and canvas you could change it into a scout with scout poles/bracket making it lighter and narrower as it folds over sled length wise.


 If you have the dimensions that will narrow your search 


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