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When jigging for panfish with tungsten jigs which knot do you prefer to use. A loop knot or a knot that is tight to the jig.

I use both. I usually start with a loop knot and if the fish on graph flare away I assume it's too much movement then got to a clinch knot to make less movement of the jig. I normally have a rod with one of each.

I use the loop knot alot these days.i got sick of repositioning a horizontal jig using the clinch knot.the surgeon loop or rapala knot has better jig action and fiskas or amped jigs balance perfectly.

I've always used the Rapala knot with little issue.....


This knot works, used it before.

My favorite is the uni-knot for a loop. Cinch down to hook eye, but don't tighten it. Pull the tag end instead to finish. Creates a loop or size a  predetermined loop and tighten from there. Works great.

Depending on line size and material (mono, flouro, etc) knot will slip and cinch at hook eye or stay locked.

Fished with a guide using heavy p-line leader and a three turn uni-knot with small loop at jig eye. Knot didn't budge after landing multipe big lakers that day. Biggest being a 31 lber.


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