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Review: Otter XT Cabin Pro X-Over

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Thats a great idea!

--- Quote from: ont_angler on Oct 04, 2021, 07:46 AM ---The bolts for my runner kit for my eskimo was the same, the bolts stuck through like your otter.

I took a couple 1$ foam matts and just leave them in the bottom of the tub, no more worry of snagging lures, gloves etc on em.

--- End quote ---

Somethings not right with those runners. I would of contacted Otter and let them know of the situation. They canít fix an issue if they donít know it exist. They would of sent you different runners more than likely. Otter has been known for high quality products but the quality has been going downhill lately since the release of the x over shelters. Otter quality control is not what it used to be. The runners show just that. For what these things cost new, donít settle for crap. Or that is what we will get.

The runners for my XT lodge pro were similar, very tight fit in the tracks. I just warmed up the tub a little with a heat gun and it all went together fine, the length was correct on mine with no overhang. Personally I prefer it that they're a tight fit, more support from the tracks means less stress on the bolt holes during lateral loads.
I covered the floor and exposed nuts with automotive carpet when I did the full deck conversion. Found it in Otter blue on Amazon.

Yeah, IDK. The runners are the correct part number, maybe their molding has gotten sloppy. The Otter vid doesn't seme to have the same issue with the overhang.
 Although it bugs me, its probably a good thing. I think the extra overhang will protect the back corner of the sled as I put it in my truck.

So I got the center seat support installed. Just for fun I decided to test fit some buckets behind the seat. FAIL!!
I was literally shocked to see that nothing fit.
Marcum Lithium shuttle bucket. Nope.
Frabill sit and fish bucket. Nope.
Surely a standard hardware store 5gallon bucket would fit? Nope!
The only bucket I have that fits behind the seat rail is a rectangular kitty litter bucket. 🤦‍♂️ Sorry but I'm not keeping my ice gear on my $1000 shanty in a litter box with a janky lid.
They sorta fit, but they dont sit flush on the floorand are hanging cockeyed between the seat rail and rear sled.
Such a massive oversight on Otter's part. All they had to do was center the rail and you could have stored buckets in front of or behind the seats.
Lazy engineering.


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