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Review: Otter XT Cabin Pro X-Over

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--- Quote from: 800stealth on Jan 18, 2022, 06:37 PM ---Good to hear you enjoyed the maiden voyage... They do keep ya toasty. My side entry clips are still tight 2 seasons in but I've gotten used to it, and just step on the floor bar and give a sharp tug and they pop off. I never really thought about the storage of mine in factory form, I knew before I got it that I'd be putting a deck on it. Built it to accommodate everything I carry plus a spot for a sleeping bag if an overnight comes about. Not really on foot friendly for anything other than glare but I tow behind a machine so didn't really care about weight much... This is what I came up with for mine. 3 hinged doors, one big enough for anything I haul out, the others for convenience. The factory swivel is mounted with studs and wingnuts so I can pop the seat and have a 76" deck for a pad and sleeping bag. It added about 50 pounds including the 18ah lithium battery that powers lighting and a small inverter for 110 power.

And yes that is in my kitchen, can you tell I'm single lol...

--- End quote ---

Custom set up 800👍
I basically did the same thing to my Yukon XL Thermal. Mine is approx. 9 yrs old. Take good care of it. Iíve done multiple overnights in it in sun zero temps. The deck works out great for a sleeping pad and bag. Added a power station to charge my phone and added additional hole lights. Never had a problem being uncomfortable. The Otter is a real nice hut. You should have many enjoyable seasons in that!! Nice job


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