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Review: Otter XT Cabin Pro X-Over

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Stopped in at my Bass Pro today and they had the bench seat non-Pro model in stock. I realized the Pro uses a completely different t sled than the bench seat version. So there's basically no way to install the bench in the Pro model, at least not in a way that would free up any more storage space.

With that realization I decided to start making some small mods.
First up is lighting. In my old Frabill I had used some irrigation pipe and a LED strip for lighting. I made a new one with larger diameter pipe for the larger square Otter poles. Basically cut a slit lengthwise in the pipe. Stick the led light to the pipe, apply liquid electrical tape to really stick it on there, and wire it up. Plenty bright and it can spin on the pole to allow more/less light.

I installed a Clam corner console. I debated whether I wanted to occupy the space with it sin e its quite large, but I'm glad I did. The Otter sled angles up at the end, so I had to use an old piece of aluminum to level it out.

I also decided to ditch my heavy lead acid battery for shack lighting. I bought a Milwaukee 18v battery adapter and 12vdc converter and wired them into a 5.1mm Jack mounted in the Clam console. Mounted the battery adapter to the sled and it tucks away nicely out of the way.

Otter looks like a big PIA, couldn't give me one.


--- Quote from: eyeflyer on Jan 14, 2022, 10:07 PM ---Otter looks like a big PIA, couldn't give me one.

--- End quote ---
Yes and no I'd say. For the money I am disappointed in the lack of attention to detail. However, I'm pretty anal about things and IDK that any other brand shack would be any better overall.
I've looked at a fair amount of Clam and Frabill shanties in person and there are things I dislike about each of them. Clam sleds are very shallow and kind of chincy, and their doors are corner doors not a true side exist. That inconvenience was a deal killer for me. Frabill sleds are pretty shallow and cheap too, although their side exit doors are good.
At the end of the day I don't think any manufacturers adequately and thoroughly think about the fishability of their shanties. The devil is in the details and they just don't seem to care. It's more about whatever is easiest to crank out shanties.

I have the XT X-Over Cabin - purchased past year.   I've had many huts - mostly Clam (still have the single Stealth Thermo - run and gun sled), 1 Frabill - the Otter is hands down the best built hut of them all.  Trick is - just like a Clam, as far as buckets is the kitty litter bucket - but I cut off the top 7/8" or down to 2-3-8" off the top of the bucket with an oscillating saw - they fit perfect then.   Forget a 5 gallon pails - don't fit in any sled good - basics of trying to fit round things into a rectangular sled.   Runners - i had no issues installing them - bare sled and started at the front. Also - the bench is 41 lbs alone and I remove it when needed and use a 5 lb folding chair.  Smitty Sled custom built helps a lot.   Hope this helps


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