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Review: Otter XT Cabin Pro X-Over

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hardwater diehard:
This is an old video but it does look different then your set up ..4:22 mark

Thanks! Looks like he didn't get or didn't use the edging. I think that's the route I'm going.

hardwater diehard:

--- Quote from: fishEH on Oct 14, 2021, 09:36 AM ---Thanks! Looks like he didn't get or didn't use the edging. I think that's the route I'm going.

--- End quote ---

Is it possible that the trim lock is on backwards ...if you can flip it around does it work better or worse . FWIW the diagram and instructions are pretty horrible .


Otter lodge bench skirt not really in the way.

Finally had a minute to get back to the shanty.  Brought it out and set up in the driveway.
First thing I noticed are the bottom poles are extremely hard to pull out to extend. I tried lubing with graphite and no dice. I pulled one side out completely to investigate. There's a square plastic endpiece that's supposed to keep the smaller outer tube from rotating within the larger tube. It is causing binding inside. I took a file a put a tiny bevel on the edge of the plastic piece. It helped a little. I think those parts just need to "wear in".

The fabric isn't very tight. I have all poles and supports fulled extended, yet there is quite a bit of loose material, especially in the front corners. This just kinda bugs me.

The top front pole is Janky. This is the pole that has a pivot point in the middle, allowing the poles to rotate for side entry. The way this pivoting piece bends and allows the roof to sag does not inspire confidence it will last. And its an eyesore.

As I was sitting in the shanty in my driveway, I noticed the position of the side windows; they're in the doors. This means to look out either side I need to lean forward significantly or get up slightly. What a pain!!! I usually place tipups within line of sight of my windows. Having to constantly get up to check tip ups instead of just glancing out the window is awful. This is a major miss on Otter's part. How can a compant like Otter not have a single person on staff that catches this and says "hey it would be 1000 times better if we move it back 12 inches"?

My last gripe is the removeable support poles. The ones that extend are pretty janky with those twist knob set screws. I just see those not lasting at all.

Nevertheless I'm excited to get this thing on the ice and use it. But I see a LOT of tweaking and modification in my future.


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