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Review: Otter XT Cabin Pro X-Over

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hardwater diehard:
fishEH years ago while searching for a flip over at my local Gander Mtn ..I encountered the dreaded cross bar seat set ups ..cant recall if it was Otter and/or Clam but it was a hard pass . Years later it seems to never been address .

Almost have it fully assembled. This post is as much a question as a critique. 
The fabric went on pretty easily with the help of my son. Center cross bracing poles were pretty straight forward. I will say I'm glad the shabty has side entry/exit because the front door is kinda small.
Then I decided to test fit the black plastic trim that keeps the fabric to the sides of the sled.
Here's where my beef/question lies. The Otter Cabin has a wind skirt that adheres to the side of the tub, so it is inside the shanty when fully set up. The skirt goes against the outside lip of the sled, then the trim part goes over it and get screwed into the sled.
What I'm having an issue with is how this is supposed to sit when the plastic bucket seat rail is sitting on the lip of the tub? It seems the seat raill would be sitting right on top of the fabric and plastic trim piece. This would either cause the seat rail to not sit flush against the side of the sled or cause the fabric/plastic to wear prematurely,  or both.
What am I missing???
I also have no idea what I'm supposed to do with the skirt material when moving the shanty around. It's too short to want to stay tucked inside the sled, but its long enough where it will drag on the ground and get frayed in no time.

Same as stealth800 I assembled lodge hyfax no problem. Wondering if the cabin sled is shorter and they sent lodge hyfax? Also if I remember right there wasnít problem with the skirt thought it tucked up out way Velcro? Iíll pull it out tomorrow getting the itch anyways

Fish I have the Cottage but use a cover when I'm towing it.  I put the cover on and then stuff the skirt up inside of the elastic band of the cover.  Can't remember having an issue with the seat rail...seem to recall there being a gap between the 2  trim pieces in front  and some velcro that holds the hanging pieces of skirt together at that spot.  Not 100% on that and maybe the Cabin is different.

So I haven't done anything with the shanty, but I looked at it again yesterday after reviewing some posts online. I think the issue of the edge trim, skirt, and seat not fitting together well has to do with the flashing on the edge of the sled. These sleds are rotomolded and it looks like the edges have to be cut down. On my sled it looks like not enough of the edge/flashing was removed. This means the the lip, fabric, and edging all stick out further than normal, causing interference with the seat support.
The more I look at it though, the more I think I will not be screwing the skirt or using any edging on the inside of the sled area.
I occasionally use boot cleats and I can just see that skirt getting all chewed up.


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