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Currently trying to sell a Clam Legend Dave Genz Edition(thermal). It's only been on the ice 4 times.

Asking $400, located in Olean, NY.

Willing to deliver or meet half way depending on distance.

I'm not familiar with the Dave Genz Edition.  Could you send me a link to the actual model so I can look at the specs? 

I'll be honest that it's a long shot for me.  Is this the same height as the Legend XL?  I'm 6'4" so I'm sort of partial to the extra height. 

Located in central Pennsylvania.  Feel free to PM me.

Is this a 1.5 man or two man?

Crappie slammer:
Do you still have the shanty and a number to get ahold of you

325 ill take it i live in sherman


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