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I Want to buy: Model name : Tip N Spin Tip Up's

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I've been looking for a type of tiptup called " Tip and Spin ".... This particular type of tip up has the flag that rotates as the reel spins under the ice... The company that use to make them is out of business, however, they sold thousands off them and I'm looking to buy used ones... If you have any of these type tip up... I'd be happy to buy them... Or if you know of another company that is making this type of tip up... pls pass the information... I would really appreciate it!


I tried a google search and could not locate that name. Maybe put a picture here so it would be easier to identify.
      Kim :tipup:

I use Polar tip ups. They don't have a flag that spins but the bar that releases the flag does spin and is pretty to see at a distance.


I'll take a picture and post it... Thanks for the response...

I have 5 of them ,I can send you a pick if you send me your email, make an offer if you want them ,but youd have to come get them, im in Manchester Ct.


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