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New for the 2020-21 ice season here I have been looking forward to a more slender Kastmaster for years and it's here now.    I was always hoping that they recreate a tiny Kastmast XL slender body lure.  This DT one is a little different in that instead of an opposing angle cut on the other side, it's basically two parallel flat sides.  Aside from the paint job, it appears to be symmetrical on three axis.  I'm sure it will work and the paint job looks great.  I plan on field testing them this season.  I did get both sizes in the 1/8 oz. and the 1/12 oz. weight.  In comparison to the normal Kastmaster of same weight, the DT is roughly about 25% to 30% longer in appearance. 

Not everything for ice fishing is about going heavier and getting down deeper faster.  Sometimes it's about getting lighter and achieve more of a flutter or dive and plane effect to a spoon lure type.

great ill need another box.

So anyway I used the 1/12 oz. version.  Since the fish didn't want to bite it bare, I had to bait it.  Well for whatever reason the hook got dull quickly.  Maybe just the fish chomping on it and pressing the hook points against lure.  It just seemed like the hook that came with it wasn't sticking it to the crappies or as they say it, the soft papermouths aren't pinning it for good.  Well, other hooks were working fine.  This didn't appear to be an isolated situation, got the same results with the PK Predator spoon.  The hook points got dull rather quickly.  All crappies were hand finger hook removed so no forceps or pliers used to damage anything.

What were you baiting them with?


--- Quote from: skippy on Jan 07, 2021, 03:49 AM ---What were you baiting them with?

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Just cut off minnow parts.  I touched up the hook points now.  When poking the points onto minnow, there's the easy piercing and there's some effort needed to poke the hook through. 


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