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jet sled wind break?homemade


i have a jet sled like 55 long by 24 thinking about making a wind break for it.i think frabil use to make the little yellow sled with the pop up wind break.i want it like thinking of using half inch metal conduit for the uprights 1 in each corner,then attach a tarp to the polls in a c shape so the sides and back are blocked from the wind.i would like it to be a quick pop up design were the pieces store along the top rim of the sled.has anyone made anything like this?any ideas?thanks in advance

I've used my Jet sled as a wind break for my permanent ice shanty! ;D  Keeps the holes from freezing over.

Yeah, and since those jetsleds move along the ice and snow so incredibly easy, turn it away from the wind and i bet you could ride it jsut like a sail boat!

I'm sure it would take off. ;D  I usually leave my power-augur in it.  It's enough weight to keep it is place.  


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