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Baitcaster ice rod ?

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For those of you who may use a bait caster for ice fishing. I'm looking for info on brand and source for the rods you use. For many ice fishing applications I prefer a bait caster, but it's difficult to find ice rods designed for their use.
Thanks for any insight you have to offer.

I use two different rods both are a bit heavy I used for lake trout, a Jason Mitchell mackinaw rod and a 48" ugly stick. I used heavy spoons, tubes and jigging raps with these rods.

Haat rods does baitcaster rods

St Croix makes decent ones, useful for many applications.

Some rods can just simply be mounted with a baicasting reel.  If you want something specific, it's gonna be custom made.  Do it yourself or have a rod builder make it.

Sportsman direct sells a spiral wrapped (acid wrapped) rod that is made for baitcasters. It doesn’t have a reel seat, you would have to use tape or something else.


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