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last week i put out a couple inquires on alibaba for bulk pricing.  not sure if anyone else wants to get on board with this?  if you are further along in the process, can i come on-board?  i think i can justify buying as many as about 50 or so.  looks like we can get them as low as about 20cents a piece.  all 4 of my inquires when unanswered outside of an automated message.  maybe my quotes are for not enough products to gain a response=/ i will try again.

i have found a couple sources on ebay for around 1-1.2$ per 5mm jig which is good enough for me to just get some and worry more about a bulk order later.

EDIT: after sleeping on it, i have moved forward with the ebay options for now.

tungsten jigs are absolutely amazing. density 18.1g/cc. there are thousands of tungsten jigs

tungsten ice jigs also work great drifting open water for Bluegill and Crappie. We tip ours with Berkley Gulp Alive! 1" minnows. We also caught largemouth bass on them. We like to use the 6mm jigs so the line stays taught while drifting.

Just bought some more jigs for open water. Man! Are they expensive. $3 per jig. Glad I found a place to get them for less than least for now.

Heres a little summertime trick using ice jigs.instead of tying the jig to the end and dragging it thru the weeds.i tie on a jig and leave a long tag line about 1 to 2 ft long and then pinch a splitshot to the tag end.basically like a micro dropshot rig and the sinker hits the weedline and the jig is above the great in deep water and can feel bites better too.

Nice, might have to try that for walleye, can down size my jigs a bit.


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