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They Would Not bite

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  So here's how I catch finicky whitefish;

  I use a very light action rod(the lightest they sell at my shop), 3lb fluorocarbon line (any heavier I find they won't bite) a small eggsinker above a swivel and a good 2 ft lead to a tiny teardrop jig that's maybe 1.5 cm total length with a single LIVE wax worm hooked on keeping it 6-8 inches off the bottom. I use an orange-red color jig. To jig it I just barely move my rod, just enough to tell if there's any weight on the line. Long/hard jigs deter them. I usually get one every 10 minutes in the early morning, first light is the best but they hit in the afternoon as well, kinda. Even catch some Lakers with this too. If you don't want to re-spool to 3lb, just use a long lead.

  Such a finicky fish requires very fine methods. Every Lake is different but who knows try it out.


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