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whitefish setup help!

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hi im new to the sport and i want to fish for whitefish, and i just wanted to know what kind of setup i should use. Rod and Line specs plz!


We fish near the bottom about a foot or so off the bottom . We use smaller hooks baited with either fish roe , deer meat or small pieces of fish .We put bobbers on the lines so we can see the hits as white fish just tap it or suck on it .

On Lake Simcoe we mostly jig for them in 70' to 120'.
Medium action rod with about 6 lb line.
Mono or braid. Both have advantages & disadvantages.
Spoons and Bad Boyz are our most common baits.
Some form of sonar is most useful.

BTW: That's a Simcoe whitie in my avatar.

thanks!! cant wait to get on simcoe!!

When I've fished them on L. Michigan we use 6 lb test. Slide a #12 red treble hook on your line, attach a red swivel also size 12 at the end. To the swivel attach a 12 to 14 inch piece of 6 lb leader. At the end of the leader tie on a Swedish pimple (gold or silver). Add a spike to each hook on the treble and one waxworm to the free floating treble hook.


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