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--- Quote from: Water Wolf on Mar 02, 2012, 03:43 PM ---Hi Whitefish Slayer,

What do you use to cure your fish eggs?

Do you cure the eggs in the egg sack or open it up?

How do you keep the cured eggs attached to your hooks?

I have seen whitefish around here eating eggs off the bottom as well.
It seem that's all they will eat at that time and the other baits are usually of no interest to them. :P


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I'm pretty sure he is using commercially available eggs such as Mike's or one of the other commercially available bottled salmon eggs.

The bottled salmon eggs stay on the hook pretty well.

When I lived in Ontario we would use commercially available cures like pro-cure to treat our eggs.
Depending on the ammount you used you could get your eggs tough enough to stay on the hook but soft enough that hte fish would hold on. Too much cure though and you would get tough as leather little egg balls. It took some experimenting to get the perfect recipe.

How do you guys eat your white fish?


--- Quote from: Live2fish5 on Mar 03, 2012, 01:37 PM ---How do you guys eat your white fish?

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I use a fork!!!   ;D

Panfried, beer battered, baked...... it's all good.   ;)2

I gut and scale mine. I then steak them into 2" wide pieces. I boil some water with a small amount of salt. I drop the pieces in for about 12 minutes. I peel and eat, after dipping in butter.

They are one of the finest smoked fish there is.
Also good pan fried. When frying skin first & remove all of the fat (brown meat).


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