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Ive always relased the ones I got, are they hard to fillet? wouldnt mind trying one! although arnt they really fatty?


--- Quote from: Live2fish5 on Mar 04, 2012, 02:17 PM --- are they hard to fillet?
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--- Quote --- wouldnt mind trying one! although arnt they really fatty?

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No if you remove the skin & the fat(brown meat) underneath it.

Whitefish Slayer:

--- Quote from: Drifter_016 on Mar 02, 2012, 07:30 PM ---WW
I'm pretty sure he is using commercially available eggs such as Mike's or one of the other commercially available bottled salmon eggs.

The bottled salmon eggs stay on the hook pretty well.

When I lived in Ontario we would use commercially available cures like pro-cure to treat our eggs.
Depending on the ammount you used you could get your eggs tough enough to stay on the hook but soft enough that hte fish would hold on. Too much cure though and you would get tough as leather little egg balls. It took some experimenting to get the perfect recipe.

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B I N G O!!!

I bought pro-cure eggs this year and they are really good.

Chain Pikeral eggs are the best...  We just freeze them and when they thaw they are super sticky and stay on the hook very well......  The are like glue once they dry out a bit in the shack..

We've salted spawn skeins before as well to keep them a little more sticky..


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