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i am fishing a lake that seems like the population of whitefish is low. i have chummed a few spots and checked them almost daily and no whitefish. i happened to see 2 pass by on my camera. i am just wondering if i am doing something wrong or fishing in wrongs spots. i am 85-around 100 fow and the bottom is very soft.

Whitefish Slayer:
Whitefish are stubborn fish. They are constantly moving in and out of areas.  I know we just stay consistant with them and try not to move from the spot too much and eventually you will tie into them.... They are super picky.  Some days they enjor fresh eggs, other days salted.  I've had fresh eggs in one hole and hauled them out of another with a single "pea".  I guess that's why I like chasing them so much everyday is different with them..

Just keep at them and try every trick in the book.  You'll eventually snag one.  I fish small hooks size 10-12 right on the bottom.  With eggs, fish mostly. Slow lift about 1 foot and let it fall again.  They bite so lightly so a small bobber or spring is a must.  I enjoy the sponge bobbers for their sensitivity.

Good luck....

I know you're pain... I've been down that road many a times

thank you very much for the info. very appreciated.

Fisheyefool the depth your at should be fine if it's the largest soft bottom flat in the area. If there is a larger soft bottom flat (can be a little deeper or shallower) close by more fish will be there.
Large soft bottom flats are the structure that whitefish prefer.

Water Wolf:
Hi Whitefish Slayer,

What do you use to cure your fish eggs?

Do you cure the eggs in the egg sack or open it up?

How do you keep the cured eggs attached to your hooks?

I have seen whitefish around here eating eggs off the bottom as well.
It seem that's all they will eat at that time and the other baits are usually of no interest to them. :P




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