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Where to purchase wire worms


Who sells wire worms or the equipment to make the lure. What size hook are you using?

Roe Red beads in 1/8" and 5/32":

Copper wire in medium:

Not sure what sized hooks I used but you can guestimate from this pic.
Small beads are 1/8" and the big ones 5/32".

Drifter, how about a short lesson on how you use them?  Many of the guys here have never even seen a wire worm, let alone have any idea how they are used.

I let them sink into the bottom, especially in the shallow bays with bottoms that are carpeted with short vegetation.  I pick them up very slowly out of the carpet, 3-4", and dead stick them for several seconds, then let them fall back down.  I know that some guys jig them, and am interested in how you use them over your way.

Your worms with the red beads look very interesting.  Have never made any like that, but have tagged a small piece of red flannel or wool onto the hook.

Of course, if there are no whitefish around the bays, you can always get out into deeper water and jig for them with a bright spoon or jig.  They really sock them hard!


In shallow water you can just sight fish with them.
Lower them down and watch what the fish do.
Deeper water I like to run a short length of mono off a spoon with the wire worm several inches below the spoon.
The spoon gets the worm down deep and adds attraction.
Pound the spoon into the bottom several times, lift up about a foot and hold, repeat.
Watch your sonar/camera for fish to come in.

Jigging with jigging raps, williams ice jigs and badd boyz works well when you can get on them in deeper water as well.  ;)

Wire worms work well under a float in open water too.  :D

"Wire worms work well under a float in open water too. "

O  yeah Drifter - I am floatfishing with them tipped with red wiggler -works perfect :o


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