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sweeeet! no good ice on any of the lakes around by me yet for whitefish. this winter has been a huge disapointment.  >:(


--- Quote from: fisheyefool on Jan 25, 2012, 06:42 PM ---is that on lake simcoe?

--- End quote ---
Yes off Innisfil Beach Park.
If I can find safe ice I may try for some whities & lakers on Saturday. Most deep water places not good ice yet.

Water Wolf:
My first and only whitefish sofar through the ice while fishing for pike and burbot a few winters ago.
It was 5.8lbs.

Darn sun in the eyes,lol. :woot:


damn dude looks like a carp. huge fish!

Todays whitefish.  Nothing big, just the averege ones for around here.  Top one is a landlocked salmon.


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