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well done. is that an atlantic?

Landlocked salmon.  Basically same fish as an atlantic.  We have lots of landlocks around here.  They are fun to fish for and tasty.

Water Wolf:

--- Quote from: fisheyefool on Jan 27, 2012, 08:44 AM ---damn dude looks like a carp. huge fish!

--- End quote ---

Thanks fisheyefool. :)
I was indeed happy with my first whitefish through the ice, but, on this lake they get even bigger. ;)
I have heard of some of the ones they have commercially netted out of this lake reach 9 lbs and our Provincial record sits at 11lbs 8oz. :o

There are probably even bigger ones out there but, not too many folks target them, and those that do don't bother to regester them.



this walleye pictured below is 9.5lbs (a friend was getting it mounted)

here is a surprise from some fall fishing.    taped at 28. 


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