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I have never really targeted whitefish until this year and I'm not having much luck so far.  We finally have ice I'm comfortable taking the quad on and it didn't take me long to get onto the fish.  We started out using swedish pimples tipped with waxies and either a small tear drop jig or treble hook tipped with waxies 10-15" above the pimple.  Some fish would chase the bait a bit but no takers.  We switched it up and tried some different spoons and some other jigs and still no luck.  We even tried tipping the jigs with different things (minnows or cut bait) and then I tried some plastic mayfly imitations and some plastics to imitate some other aquatic insects but still not one bite.  We played with the presentation, sometimes stopping the bait as they would approach, sometimes aggressive jigging and sometimes a slight jiggle, or raising the bait as they approached and sometimes pounding bottom and nothing.  I was pulling out my hair.  We were in about 60 fow.  My question for everyone is what other types of baits or presentations has everyone had good luck with?  I'm not sure if we just hit a bad day or we were doing something wrong.  I have a couple other tackle options I'd like to try as well as bring a few more fly boxes with me but I'd love to hear any advice on what to try.  Thanks

We use the pimple and and genz bug with a waxie 12" to 18" above, we use ice blue rods, they will show the slightest bite. At times the whites will bite extremely soft and it is very hard to detect the bite with a stiffer rod. We use no stretch line to the swivel then floro to the pimple or jigging rap. We always keep the bait moving, sometimes aggressive sometimes subtle but moving at least 6", sometimes you will only be able to tell they took it on the up stroke. They have soft mouths except for their beak, so no hard hook setting or you chance ripping it out of their mouth. When you bring them up take your time, they put up a decent fight and usually go nutz when they get close to the ice, the noodle like ice blues help ease the shock of the fight and we don't loose as many.   :tipup:

Thanks for the advice, do you get most of your fish on the pimple or top bait?

The majority are on the top bait.

Try one of these.

Williams ice fishing jig. Half & Half in Nu-Wrinkle in both J50 & J60 sizes.
Look for a large soft bottomed flat in 50' - 100'. Jig in the bottom 10' letting it just barely rest on the bottom at times.
That whitefish in my avatar was caught this way & this is one of the most popular lures on Lake Simcoe for whitefish.


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