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Attracting Whitefish

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Here's a tip given to me my a crappie fisherman that I think would crossover and work well for whitefish. He takes Christmas tree tinsel and ties a few strands on his line above his lure/bait. Throws out a lot of sparkle. I plan on trying this for whitefish using silver tinsel and some gold flashabou. What you guys think? If it doesn't work at least it won't cost anything.

Might work. Can't hurt to try other than possibly not working.
My guess is it might be overkill in clear water & might do more harm than good.
When they're actively feeding they will chase an actively jigged spoon upwards if you bring it up off the bottom.
When they are in a more neutral mood a far more gentler approach is required.   

I was thinking maybe it would be good to bring them in from a distance.

wouldent hurt to try, tanks for the tip

Never heard of that, would be worth a try though! I like using a swedish pimple or Mr. Champ with a holographic sticker on one side tipped with a piece of a minnow.


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