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I think I might have posted this last your. Oh well here goes. I was fishing for whithfish off of Garden today and like last year the whitefish will swim by and not even look at the baits I present to them. Some will come in pretty close but then they leave as quick as come in. I also see lots of whitefish in the back ground on my camera going by. It's not like I'm not seeing any to say they aren't biting because I am seeing lots of them. I tried throwing almost everything in my tackle at them but with no luck.

Help me...


Whitefish can be a little tempramental.

Try fishing for them without the Camera.  Just use your fish finder to let you know when they are around.

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--- Quote from: Wiener on Jan 04, 2011, 05:57 PM ---Whitefish can be a little tempramental.

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Sometimes they will make you crazy.  Try using stuff that you would use for crappie.  Very small jigs, light line and tip the jigs with waxies or small pieces of cut up shiners.

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I'm set up in a dark house and rigged to spear northerns. The water is 12 feet deep. So far this season I've seen about a dozen white fish and speared four.  I usually have a minnow on a pimple dangling in near my decoy. The whitey will swim right by don't seem to be interested in hitting the minnow. But I do think the decoy and minnow tipped pimple do draw them in.

 I have NEVER heard of anyone catching white fish here in So. Dakota on Lake Oahe.  (Missiouri river)  But I'd like to do the challenge and catch some on hook and line.

  Thanks for all of your interesting posts !   ;D

If you don't mind me asking where is Garden? There is a Garden close to me on Lake Michigan. It really depends where you are located I think. Here on Lake Superior (Munising Bay) we use single salmon eggs that have been properly treated/ prepared. The Green Bay/ Door County area they use pimples tipped with a minnow head. Its hard to believe but once you are use to it you can tell when the single salmon egg is gone. And that is fishing in 70 feet of water.


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