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more burbot


Well, Jim (Barleydog), and Barley got out to do some fishing tonight.  It was a little slow, but we still caught some fish.

jim with a couple of burbot

Jim caught the best one of the night, 7.6 pounds

Burbot coloration (for Germ)

Burbot tries on jims glasses.   "Boy, I see clearly now that that lure wasn't a fish!"

I caught one to jim's 6...almost got the skunk by about 15 minutes.

Jim and barley hold our catch...barley holds my fish so i can take the picture.

Barley gives Jim a high five for the successful trip.

Jake and Barley, looks like you guys had a heck of a good time.  I am going night fishing for the first time this upcoming friday.  Heading out around supper and planning to fish until around 2:00 am.  My neighbor is going to try his luck as well.  I'll post pics if we do well.  I'm going to hit the lake I did so well at that one day.  Do you usually fish in the open or do you take along the shanty?  I'm a wuss these days,  gets pretty cold at night.  Think I'll be taking along the portable and the heater.  Thanks for the pics, keep em coming....

How do you usually prepare your burbot?  I coated my last ones with fish crisp and fried in butter.  Was tasty, wasn't so keen on the texture though.  My wife is talking about making a fish chowder.  I think the burbot would be perfect for that.  Want to try the "poor man's lobster" method too.  Boiled and dipped in butter...mmmmmm...
Can't wait to get out again. 



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