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Nice ones from last weekend...

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A couple friends and I hit a small lake in northeastern Pennsylvania last weekend and ended up catching the nicest fish we've pulled through the ice in a long time.  All these beauties were caught on tip-ups running large shiners, and all were released.

Pigpen with a hawg.  According to an old, handheld scale, the fish was around 5 pounds.

Icepal with a toothy critter.

Pigpen gets lucky yet again!

Shifty got one, and it wasn't on a Banjo Minnow!

I was too busy taking pictures to catch the big ones.

nice bass beatin' rod dont you love those big bass.  I have done really well this year for big bass.  I have got a 26 incher, a 21 incher, a 20.5 incher, a 19.5 incher, a 18 incher and a 15 inch small mouth.  the rest were largemouth.  the big guy was estimated at 9.85 pounds.  i posted a few pics of the big guy on here labeled pics of Giant bass. 

Keep the flags flying,


very nice bass, it's a nice fat and healthy one. Nice job!

Thanks guys.  I didn't catch the bass though, that was Pigpen.  I only got the photo.   :-[

Jiggerman, I saw the pics of your bass.  Now that beauty was a true HAWG!

Nice fish, looks like you guys had a blast!


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