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Pletch's catfish

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I caught this catfish last year, it weighed 9.553 lbs it was 29 inches long.

thats a good fish! never hear much of catfish being caught but there are times wehn you can catch a bunch. good job!

They good eating? Lots of bones? What state did you catch that in? Is this too many questions? ;D ;D ;)

I personally did not eat this catfish, my friend who did eat it said it was great.
The fish was caught in Somerset Pennsylvania.
The fillets were very large easy to fillet without getting any bones.

Nice cat, Pletch. I've never caught a channel cat through the ice, but I've caught my share in the summer. Caught my first ten pounder when I was 12 or so. I caught an 8 inch sucker out of Coxes Creek and took it to Lake Somerset. Ran a steel leader through him and tossed him out next to the pier. About an hour later I was in the 10 pound channel cat


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