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This Weekends Pics from Deep Creek


Fat Boy:
Not a great day, terrible winds 30-40 mph gusting to over 50.  You can see the heavy snow in the first pic blowing horizontal (and Icefishnfool and Perch Jerker nearly getting blown off the ice).  Conditions were absolutely horrible, with us having to hold the tents on our fish traps down with out feet and too hard to concentrate on our fishing.

Here are some pics of some of our fish (we all caught fish but these were the ones that we kept to give the guy who let us access the lake from his property).  First pic, Icefishnfool on the left and Perch Jerker on the right.  Next pic is of Perch Jerker and then yours truly on the right.  See the MD fishing report page for the Deep Creek thread for more "fateful" things that happened to us that day...


Those trees are sideways. Holy Moly! Hope you had your pockets full of rocks and heavy ones too.  ;D

peple of the perch:
r those perch and crops

Fat Boy:

--- Quote from: peple of the perch on Feb 23, 2004, 06:49 PM ---r those perch and crops

--- End quote ---

Yep, POPT, a perch, a couple gills, and some crappie, now in possession of the guy who let us fish outta his back yard!

who is that big guy in the BLUE ????? ;D ;D ;D ;D


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