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crappie night fishin


wny angler:
 caught a decent pile of crappies last night in 30 mph winds.fished sunset till 1am but caught most of em between 10pm and were only 9 to 13 inches but it was a lot of fun catchin em.

all fish were measured and 9" and over ,average was only about 10 " and the largest was a 13" white crappie

Nice fish. Did you eat um up??  :)

are there white crappie in there too btw thats a nice mess of fish looks like the fish i got last night hehe

Icefinger or anyone,
Curious what depth you guys found the school. Were they on a ledge or structure? We fish a pond that gets really clear in the winter and can't seem to catch the crappie we always get in open water. Any tips??
Thanks in advance  :'(


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