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Today, three friends (Mike P, Mike T and Sue J) drove over the mountain to fish Pelham Lake in Rowe.

I was the only one who had fished it before, and gave it glowing reviews.  Naturally, it fell short.

(You ever notice how if you take someone to a great fishing spot, it ends up being the one day that doesn't produce?     To quote Billy Crystal, "I hate when that happens").

We arrived around 11 AM and set up not far from the park. 

There was one other group (a party of six from Heath) near the opposite shore and closer to the road, but that was all.

The weather was pretty good.  Mostly cloudy, no wind, temps in the mid twenties.

However, the ice conditions were sloppy.  Some portions were covered with 10 inches of snow, while others (particularly where we set up) had about 8 inches of slush.  The ice itself was about 14" thick.

The fishing was slow, very slow.  (Our neighbors across the lake reported similar dismal results).

On the plus side, all four of us caught a couple of fish or so apiece.  (In my case, an 8" perch and a similar sized pickerel, both on tip ups).
The down side was that none of them had any real size to them.

To make up for the lackluster fishing, we did eat pretty well.  Our lunch featured steaks, kimchi, antipasto with hen of the woods mushrooms, chicken and squash soup, chili, homemade peach wine, trail mix, fruit, a pot of hot coffee, and Swiss Colony chocolate torte.

We started packing up a little after 2 PM and headed home around 2:30 PM.

On the way home, I had my friend Mike P (who I was riding with) drop me off at Fish Pond in North Adams (since we had a ridiculous number of leftover shiners that I wanted to use up, while he was eager to get home and do some errands before the Bills game), where I fished for a couple more hours more.

Not surprisingly, I did better at Fish Pond (which was comparatively crowded) than I had at Pelham Lake. 

Over the course of my two hours there, I landed a 9" perch (on a tip up) and two 10" - 11" crappie (one jigging and the other on a tip up).

Around 5:15 PM, I started packing up, and (for my good deed for the day) gave my remaining shiners to a few teenagers who were fishing not far from me, before heading back to the parking lot, where my older son picked me up around 5:30 PM.

way to stick with it, nice report


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