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2nd Time at Fish Pond


After working in the office for a few hours today, I jigged Fish Pond in North Adams for a little under 3 hours this afternoon.

Although it was brutally cold (minus 11 degrees Fahrenheit) earlier in the morning, it was sunny and relatively balmy (20 degrees), with just a light breeze.

I would estimate there to have been about 10 inches of ice in most spots.

I had plenty of light "taps" on my line, but only succeeded in landing two fish - - a 9" perch and a similar sized sunfish - - relatively early on.

The family of four fishing not far from me had a slower start, but did a bit better overall - - landing a mix of sunfish, perch and crappie, with one pickerel and rainbow thrown in for good measure. 

(Congratulations Charlie N et al!)

It was good to see you out there!


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