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Anyone know if Fisherman's Cove in E.Brookfield is open?
I haven't been there in years..


V Menzone:
Haven't heard anything about this place in a while. Ben's tackle shack in Leicester would be your best bet in that area. Or old glory in east brookfield

Long gone. Next closest is old glory outdoors across from Ford dealer on rt 9, so 2 min away. Don't expect to get 48 shiners for 10 bucks tho...
...ah the good Ole days

Bummer about the Cove....great bait.
I'll check out Ben's and Old Glory.

Thank you for the replies. I greatly appreciate it

Good luck out there!


Too bad how Fishermens turned out. Great bait with the hook up but dropped off very fast. Zero upkeep. When I went there and no one would answer and walked to the side of the house to see a dog in a cage in negative temps, that pissed me off. Anyways Old Glory Outdoors is a very well run shop and they expanded, looks way different from a year ago.


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