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10 Year Friendship

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Hello fellow Iceshantians!

Its been a while since ive posted on the site. Crazy to think that 10 years ago today I met Allan (Stripernut) though this forum and we have been fishing together ever since. From the ice, to Quabbin, rivers, and the salt across multiple states. Pretty amazing to think we may have never met if not for this forum. Its not every day you meet someone you have so much in common with and likes fishing as much (or more) than you do lol.

A few pics/vids from trips past. Good times with many more to come!

Yukon Cornelius:
Great pics some nice bass!

Awesome post Will , you and Allen are great people . I hope we can meet up this year on the ice. Happy new year!

Great post. Thanks for sharing.

Would like to know the score after 10 years, how many days each of you out fished the other…

Thanks for the kind words, had not realized that it was 10 years... WOW! I am looking forward to many more trips! It is not always easy to try and keep up with me and some of my admittedly crazy ideas... After a trip dragging canoes and kayaks over countless rocks, the following week when I say let's try... You say what time! A good fishing buddy and friend is not an easy thing to find...  especially one that shows up at 4:00 am as planned, who does not whine and b***h all day even if the fish has not been found yet, is quick to help out my father who has been known to b***h and whine himself sometimes, and best of all puts up with my snoring in the vehicle! I have includes a few pics showing the excellent angler you are and have even included one or two where you are smiling!

--- Quote ---Would like to know the score after 10 years, how many days each of you out fished the other…
--- End quote ---
As long as one of us catches fish it is a good trip...


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