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Atta Boy!:
Went by Sabatia, Watsons Winnie and the Nip and all still had open water. Hopefully this week will net some better results. Good luck. However I did catch a glimpse of the bald eagle hanging out on Sabatia.

Thanks for the report
May as well scout around all the gear or ready to roll
Congomond is starting to lock up this weeks temps should get us out somewhere
Good luck and stay safe 👍🏾

Freezing temps coming every night this week. As long as the wind dies down there should be some safe ice somewhere in the southeast this weekend.

Starting to sound good......drove pass Chapin.....edges....we t ....wt. of center ice. Forge Pd should be good late this week end,,,,Stay safe guys

O-ya.   Lots of ice on the cape but itís in everybodyís cocktail glasses   Thereís No ice or snow on the cape anywhere


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