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I hope someone can help me here....a lifelong friend (attorney) represented my son in his recent divorce...he won't accept payment as we are good friends...I wanted to "pay" him by setting him up for ice fishing...the past three years he has joined me and we have shared gear....I plan on giving him my not so old Jiffy (I'm not sure that is a gift), a jetsled , bait bucket and air pump. Now my question is ...does anyone know where I can buy the tipups that have the red or green running flags...the flag is mounted below the trigger to indicate the fish is pissing off....I bought mine about ten years ago at Tom's in Middleboro but as yet they are not carrying them... I've tried all the usual suspects with no luck...hoping someone can help...Cheers

your description of the flag setup makes me think that it is not the typical tipup design. a photo perhaps?

See what I can do...cheers

40 up used to make them but I believe they stopped making them years ago.

I have some old fishcraft tip ups that have running flags, used to be made in Massachusetts they are 50 years old or more. They must be out of bussines.


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