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Lake trout!


More big ones.  This year so far a 24", 27, 29, 32 and 36.  Great tasting fish.
36 first

Then some others, I think 27" and 32".

Hard to tell where when on my counter at home!!

Good job Tigrr! What type of lure or jig do you use? How deep and where would a good spot to start as these laker lakes are usually quite big! I live around Prince George area, any advice where to go? Thanks!

good to see your out tigerr, good looking fish.. the weather is awesome out now- the t-shirt weather is soon upon us and fishing this hardwater season has been the best i have ever seen.. big fish as usual!! good stuff.

Nice Fish!

This year has been really weird.  First fish caught were on big 5 inch white tube jigs and then all the way down to 2 inch chrome dare devils later on.  Only out 5 times and the bight changed quite a bit.
Buy the northern BC fishing mapbook.  There is a lake west of PG that has lakers.  Ian might help us on the lakes that have lakers.


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