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I hit up Big Lake this weekend. Fishing was slow. We tried several spots. My friend who fishes it religiously caught a small char, a small burb and a decent bow. We where checked by the trooper. It was nice to see her out there. She did say she saw a 26 incher caught but it looked to be slow for everyone. Does anyone have any info on the lake. Is there any lures that work better than others. I tried the normal spoons tubes and jigs. Is it better to fish shallow or deeper.   

we fished saddle back last week and saw alot of fish on the vexilars and they didnt want to bite anything. we are normally lazy and going there just to get out of the house. Probably try to find some other spot to try out next time.

We fished it Friday the 1st. We did a lot more moving and it seemed to help. We caught fish in all depths. The big one for the day was a 26 inches. We also caught a 24 the was a football compared the the normal slender Char. We caught 8 for the day it was a cold day -6 for the high.

Hi all I've never fished big lake but curious about what is a good depth to start at?

any where from 15-40 feet i would say. look for breaks off of points


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