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Electric ice augers?

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Rex in OTZ:
I know that Cabelas and Sportsmans Warehouse had a few electric ice augers in stock the last couple seasons, so somebody must have one or seen them in use.
The problem living off the road system is trying to airfreight one out to a village.

Any feedback on the electric augers in Alaska?

I have a first gen ion around 5 years old now. Battery life is decent if kept warm and usually can get around 20 holes through 20 inches on a charge. Might want to check out the second gen ion with a better battery, led light and reverse. If you’re dealing with some thicker ice, which you probably are, I would look at getting a spare battery for sure. Another option would be to go with a Milwaukee M18 fuel mud mixer with your choice of auger bit. Have to add on some sort of plate to avoid losing your bit if it becomes detached when drilling. Good luck man!

I would like to ask you to bring this information to me. I'm crawling.

bought an ion electric ice auger last year.. best decision ever made

Buddy bought a new ion last year.he said the new batteries make all the difference.


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