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2015 ISNY Brag'n All Fish Entries

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This is my first go at this. If i need a clearer image let me know.

ck'd in @ 22"


ck'd in @ 12 1/2"


ck'd in @ 22"

25" I caught 3 more all within a 1"  of this one... @)

ck'd in @ 25"

Well hopefully I did this right and I mean getting the pictures on here was the toughest part of this task.  Overall slow day Me my brother 2 nephews and Son hit up Cole's Creek.  I do apologize to anyone that was there if they were all to noisy.  We did have fun and all we caught were a couple of dink perch.  By the way it was most of their first times doing this. 


ck'd in @ 7"


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